ATR 42/72

Initial Type Rating

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The course is aimed at pilots who wish to become type rated in the ATR Family. It is conducted to EASA Part-FCL regulations.  The objectives of this course is to train cockpit crews to operate the aircraft safely, efficiently and according to approved manuals and procedures. Completion ensures the standards, set by EASA regulations, are met.

Course Breakdown:

Phase I. Malaga, Spain

  • 85 Hours  Instructor led Theoretical Training (2weeks)
  • CBT
  • 6 hours of Cockpit Procedure Training – CPT

Phase II. Paris, France

  • 32 Hours ATR42/72 FFS
  • 4 Hours Skill Test

Phase III. Base Training (6 or 4 T/G), Malaga, Spain


  • hold a valid CPL(A) license,
  • hold a valid IR(A) multi-engine,
  • have flown at least 70 hours as pilot in command (PIC),
  • have passed the ATPL theoretical examinations,
  • hold a certificate of satisfactory completion of MCC course or have at least 500 hours as a pilot in multi-pilot operations on single pilot multi-engine aircraft in commercial air transport in accordance with the applicable air operation requirements.

Course Duration:
The duration of your type rating course is approximately 5 – 6 weeks including your days off.

Contact us for course details and starting dates.

ATR42/72 Initial Type Rating

The course is aimed at pilots who wish to become type rated in the ATR Family.

ATR42/72 TRI

Aviation Exchange Group offers individual and practical qualification for pilots who wish to become a Type Rating Instructor.

ATR42/72 Recurrent Training

The aim of the Recurrent Training  and checking is to remain entitled to act as an airline pilot on the ATR 42/72.


Type Ratings on ATR42/72-500 and ATR42/72-600. The courses are conducted according to DGCA India regulations.

B737-800NG Jet Orientation Course (JOC)

Our JOC program is the best way to prepare the candidates for an airline screening process, as well as for an initial type rating.

B737-800NG SIM Interview Preparation

Our program is geared towards those candidates preparing for an interview with airlines such as Ryanair and Norwegian.

B737NG Refresher Training

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