An increase in the use of air transportation, because the world’s population is growing at an accelerated pace, adding the fact that we live in a world where borders are getting closer, the need to travel on commercial flights has increased exponentially.

The growth of the number of airlines:

In the past few years, new airlines have emerged to cover this demand, while others have expanded or have enabled new routes.
However, one of the challenges of the growing of new airlines and the expansion of new routes is the lack of pilots to respond to this increase, without even counting the number of pilots that will be needed in the future.

According to the manufacturer ATR, it is estimated demand of more than 3,000 turboprop aircraft in the next 20 years; although, this is only a part of the thousands that are estimated to be manufactured by other companies worldwide.

Due to this excellent projection of growth, large airlines that operate ATR have the need to promote the training of pilots. This is a profession -ATR type-rated commercial pilots- that is promising and offers great benefits in the future for those who wish to pursue it.

Why should you get an ATR type rating?

Aviation as a career opens a world of work opportunities for all those who decide to study and practice it.

In Aviation Exchange Group we not only think about the current demand for ATR pilots that exists, but we also consider what will happen in the next 20 years. This is where trained personnel will be needed to cover all the new routes and pilot the thousands of aircraft that will be manufactured.

Taking advantage of these projections and future, in Aviation Exchange Group we offer you the theoretical and practical training to obtain the type rating. In the same way, we offer you direct access to the selection interview in the operating airlines of ATR with which we collaborate; therefore, they will give you the opportunity, in case of being hired, to start your professional growth in the commercial aviation sector.

Thus, if you decide to train for this ATR type rating, this is one of the key questions you will ask yourself: ‘Where should you perform the training?’

If you are already a commercial pilot and you are interested in getting your ATR type rating, Aviation Exchange Group is one of the best options you can consider. Our instructors are highly trained, and they have extensive experience as pilots; in addition, we offer theoretical and practical learning, as well as training in ATR 42/72 simulators and an e-learning platform.

Similarly, from our company, we also promote the development of the candidates’ skills through other courses, such as training for selection interviews with airlines that operate ATR aircraft, promotions to ATR commander, or ATR update/renewal programs. We commit ourselves to our candidates for their professional development, in order to train the ATR pilots of the future.
ATR also estimates that in the next two decades the increase in freight transport will generate a potential for the delivering of 460 turboprop freighters.

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